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New residential customers only. Offer expires September 30.

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Existing Customers: Refer A Friend and Get a $50 Bill Credit!

Successfully refer a friend and both you and your friend get a $50 bill credit. Offer expires September 30.

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At ETC, our business is helping you make a great connection. We can bring you faster internet, set you up with local and cellular phone options, secure your home and so much more. Just click or call to experience the connection with ETC!

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With available speeds that are unmatched in the area, our high speed internet lets your whole family surf at the speed of life.

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It’s easy to reach out to friends and family with our feature-rich voice options and phone systems.

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Security Systems

An ETC security system means 24/7 protection of everything that keeps your life running.

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Manage every-day living with around-the-clock access to emergency care.

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Whether it’s catching a local game on the ETC Sports Network or watching the big leagues, ETC specializes in cutting-edge TV services.

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Stay connected with loved ones while on the road. ETC has the phone styles and packages to make that happen.

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Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) is an aggressively innovative telecommunications provider, delivering the total package of communications, information, and entertainment services through premier technologies, services, and support.

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